An advisor is a person with deep knowledge in a specific area that offers advice to a country's leader. Tasks such as conducting warfare, promoting scientific advancement and managing an economy are three examples of areas an advisor can offer aid.

Advisors can be managed in the Court panel of the Country interface. There are several advisors for each of the three kinds of monarch power. Each advisor provides a bonus based on his type.

Advisors are further divided by their inherent skill level. Skill ranges from +1 to +3, each providing additional monarch points relative to their level (i.e. a level 2 diplomat provides +2 per month). The cost of hiring and maintaining an advisor increases quadratically with the advisor's skill level. The advisor's skill level affects only the cost and the monarch power generated. The skill level does not affect the advisor type bonus 

Changes in meioua Edit

Changes to the Advisors are as follows:

  • Each Advisor has 2 modifiers (1 Advisor has 3 modifiers and some modifiers are negative).
  • Specific buildings and ideas increases the chances of certain advisors to appear in the advisor pool.
  • Some events provide advisors with lower maintenance and recruiting costs.
  • Some decisions requires specific advisors to enact.

Types Edit

Advisor Type Modifiers Chances
Philosopher Administrative Yearly Prestige: +1

Idea Cost: -5%

Natural Scientist Administrative Production Efficiency: +10%

Technology Cost: -2.5%

Artist Administrative Stability Cost Modifier: -10%

Prestige Decay: -10%

Fine Arts


Treasurer Administrative National Tax Modifier: +5%

Production Efficiency: +2.5%

Treasury Office
Theologian Administrative National Unrest: -1

Tolerance of Heretics: +1

Master of Mint Administrative Yearly Inflation Reduction: +10%

Reduce Inflation Cost: -20%

Treasury Office


Inquisitor Administrative Missionary Strength: +1%

Missionary strength vs heretic: +1%
National Unrest: -1
Tolerance of Heretics: -1

alderman Administrative Production Efficiency: +10%

Trade Efficiency: +5%

Architect Administrative Build Cost: -10%

Development Cost: -2.5%

Culture Idea 1

Humanist Idea 7

High Judge Administrative National Unrest: -1

Monthly Autonomy Change: -0.03


Economic Idea 1

Democracy Idea 3

Culture Idea 2

Composer Administrative Yearly Prestige: +0.2

Prestige Decay: -2.5%

Fine Arts


Cardinal Administrative Tolerance of Heathens: -1

Diplomatic Reputation: +1
Papal Influence: +1

Fine Arts Academy

Astronomer Administrative Yearly Prestige: +0.5

Diplomatic Technology Cost: -5%


Innovative Idea 3

Statesman Diplomatic Diplomatic Reputation: +2

Improve Relations: +10%


Royal Palace

Naval Reformer Diplomatic Morale of Navies: +10%

Diplomatic Technology Cost: -5%



Trader Diplomatic Trade Efficiency: +5%

Trade Steering: +10%

Stock Exchange
Spymaster Diplomatic Spy Network Construction: +20%

Envoy Travel Time: -20%

Royal Palace
Colonial Governor Diplomatic Global Tariffs: +10% Colonists



Diplomat Diplomatic Diplomatic Relations: +1

Better Relations Over Time: +25%

Royal Palace


Navigator Diplomatic Colonial Range: +20%

Naval Attrition: -25%




Collector Diplomatic National Tax Modifier: +5%

Trade Efficiency: +5%

Trade Idea 1,3,4
Sheriff Diplomatic National Unrest: -1

Foreign Spy Detection: +25%


Customs House

Economic Idea 1,2

Banker Diplomatic Trade Efficiency: +5%

Interest per Annum: -2


Economic Idea 1,2

Grand Admiral Diplomatic Morale of Navies: +10%

Heavy Ship Combat Ability: +10%


Naval Idea 1,2
Grand Fleet Idea 4,6
Naval Quality Idea 3,4

Lord Proprietor Diplomatic Global Settler Increase: +10

Settler Chance: +5%

Expansion Idea 3

Exploration Idea 2

Global Empire Idea 5

Rear Admiral Diplomatic Prestige from Naval battles: +25%

Recovery Navy Morale Speed: +5%

Base tax 6

Naval Idea 1,2
Grand Fleet Idea 4,6
Naval Quality Idea 3

Colonel Military Mercenary Cost: -20%

Available Mercenaries: +50%

Weapons Manufacturer

War College
Regimental Camp
Leadership Idea 5
Grand Army Idea 6
Logistic Idea 4

Army Reformer Military Morale of Armies: +10%

Military Technology Cost: -5%

War College
Army Organizer Military Land Force Limit Modifier: +10%

Reinforce Speed: +25%

War College
Commandant Military Discipline: +2.5% War College
Quartermaster Military Manpower Recovery Speed: +25%

Recover Army Morale Speed: +5%

War College
Master Recuiter Military National Manpower Modifier: +10%

Recruitment Time: -20%

War College
Military Engineer Military Fort Defense: +25%

Siege Ability: +10%

Forts Level 3, 4, 5
Grand Captain Military Land Maintenance Modifier: -10%

Prestige from Land Battles: +25%

War College

Notes Edit

  • Mod Advisor data is located at meiouandtaxes\common\advisortypes
  • See also EU4 wiki Advisor entry.