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Austria's mission tree

This is a list of Austria's missions.

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Austrian missionsEdit

Reunite Austria Edit

Goal Own or have a subject own all provinces cored by Tyrol or styria
Reward Gain "Austria reunited" modifier for 15 years

Claim emperorship Edit

Focus on the east(left branch) Edit

Decline of Hungary Edit

Subjugate Hungary Edit

Control Croatia Edit

Austrian Bosnia Edit

Conquer Galicia Edit

Focus on the HRe (middle branch) Edit

Subjugate Bohemia Edit

Sundgau to Wien Edit

An ally in Iberia Edit

Encircle France Edit

Push the western border Edit

Focus on Italy (right branch) Edit

Expand into Northern italy Edit

Secure Dalmatia Edit

Enter the Adriatic Edit

Conquer Venice Edit

Dominate Adriatic Edit

A.E.I.O.U (Center) Edit