Event Type Edit


Mean Time to Happen (MTTH) Edit

10 years

Trigger Conditions Edit

  • Is in a state
  • Separatism lower than 1
  • Does not have owner's culture
  • One of the following must be true:
    • THIS is the capital province
    • All of the following must be true:
      • Has culture NOT accepted by owner
      • Province owner:
        • Any owned province:
          • Has owner's culture
          • Any neighboring province:
            • Province is ROOT
  • Does NOT have the province modifier culture_conversion_cooldown

Effect Edit

If culture_conversion_progress reaches 1 in a province, the culture of the province will change to the owner's primary culture. The player will be prompted, if they're okay with this. If not, the modifer culture_conversion_cooldown will be added to the province for 20 years, stalling the progress of culture conversion and not prompting for conversion until then. The AI will always accept the culture conversion.

Calculation of culture_conversion_progress Edit

culture_conversion_progress = culture_conversion_progress + culture_conversion_progress_gain

Calculation of culture_conversion_progress_gain Edit

culture_conversion_progress_gain = 0.1 * culture_conversion_multiplier / development_divider

Calculation of culture_conversion_multiplier Edit

If owner_culture_conversion_cost is at least 0:

  • culture_conversion_multiplier = 1 / (1 + owner_culture_conversion_cost)


  • culture_conversion_multiplier = 1 - owner_culture_conversion_cost

Calculation of development_divider Edit

development_divider = 1 + (development / 100)

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