Province Trauma Edit


Plague Edit

At a glance: Edit

  • Possible from 1350 to 1650, but become progressively weaker
  • Kill large numbers, especially urban pop
  • Little effect on wealth
  • Spread through adjacency and Centers of Trade

Overview Edit

While the most devastating outbreak of the Black Death swept through Europe shortly before game start, smaller bouts of plague will hit pockets until 1650. The first 2-3 epidemics pose a severe threat and countless thousands will die, but over time they will gradually become smaller and smaller until finally stopping completely.

It is possible for the player to reduce the spread of the plague in his country by closing down the ports and centers of trade, which is done through the bureaucracy estate menu. This will anger the burghers unless compensation is paid to them though.

Through the same menu the player can train doctors and take sanitation measures, reducing the severity of an outbreak. It will take some time for them to take effect, so plan ahead.

Famine Edit

At a Glance: Edit

  • Use local wealth to import food, higher death rates the less wealth available
  • Caused by poor weather, local food availability, overcrowding and province trauma
  • Triggered at regional level, but affect provinces individually

Overview Edit

A famine represents a large scale food shortfall severe enough to stifle population growth, cause wealth to be spent on food imports and potentially devastating mass die offs. Famines occur at the regional level and are caused by a combination of severe weather conditions, poor local food availability, overcrowding, looting and province trauma in general. While they trigger at a regional level, each province will be affected differently based on the conditions on the ground.

Famines tend to hit on the heels of other trouble, so remember that while getting half your country looted hurts, it might not be over yet!


[insert other disasters] Edit

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