"The Greater Nobles Estate consists of nobles in your realm that exert significant rights and priveleges relative to the crown making them a force to be reckoned with.Because of these special rights, they are able to behave more autonomously and thereby seize a larger percentage of state income for themselves as opposed to the crown"

-The Greater Nobles interaction screen

Introduction and background Edit

The Greater nobles represent Nobles that have a large amount of power, they will constantly try to advance their interests that usually differ from the Monarchs interests and it is difficult to keep them under control compared to other estates.

Available priveleges Edit

(all effects only affect provinces controlled by the estate)

Privelege Effect
Nobles Partial crimial court +1 unrest in provinces owned by this estate
Nobles criminal court +2 unrest in provinces owned by this estate
Most commoners banned from Officer Corps Yearly Army Tradition: -0.10%

Military Technology cost: +2.0%

All commoners banned from Officer Corps Yearly army tradition: -0.40

Military Technology cost: +8.0%

Partial Tax Exemption -15% local tax in every Province owned by the estate
Partial repeal in Yield tax -25% Production efficiency in every province owned by this estate
Ceremonial Officer Posts/Decorative Officer posts Discipline -2.0%

The rest should come soon

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