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The Holy Roman Empire (often abbreviated as HRE) represents the political entity that included large portions of Western and Central Europe from the end of the 10th to the beginning of the 19th century. The start date for M&T begins with the Golden Bull of 1356, which established the Prince-Electors that choose the Emperor.

For now, the M&T HRE functions similarly to vanilla, but major reworks are planned by the M&T development team. The purpose of this page is to outline changes and reworks done on the HRE.

Emperor Edit

As in vanilla, there are a number of benefits and responsibilities that come with the title of Holy Roman Emperor. The Emperor is expected to defend the princes from foreign invaders outside the Empire. To do this, the Emperor will receive support from the princes, depending on the strength of the invader, and the diplomatic relationships of the parties involved.

Bonuses Edit

  • Monthly War Exhaustion: -.01
  • Spy Network Construction: +5.0%
  • Yearly Prestige: +0.20
  • Possible Advisors: +1
  • Diplomatic Reputation: +1.00
  • Cost to fabricate claims: +50.0%
  • Global Institution Spread: +30.0%
  • Yearly Centralisation: -0.10

In addition to these bonuses, the Emperor receives a tax and levy from the princes of the Empire. (What is the formula?)

The King of Bohemia, Karl IV von Luxemburg reigns as Emperor at the start.

Princes Edit

There are 130 Princes that are members of the Empire at the start, 79 more than in vanilla.

(list here)

Effects of membership Edit

Imperial Authority/Reforms Edit

There is a bug: Emperor is weak so that he can not pass reforms. It comes from a modifier called: hre_first_ diet. :-(

Planned Changes Edit