Version: M&T 2.50

Number of idea groups increase by 1 at the following administrative tech levels:

  • 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56

Administrative groupsEdit


Administrative idea group Requirements:
Currency Standards -15% Reduce inflation cost
Mercenary Hiring -10% Mercenary maintenance
State Organization -20% State maintenance
Martial Administration

Unlocks: Expansion
Part of unlocking: Global Empire

-5% Land maintenance modifier
Fortification Maintenance -10% Fort maintenance
Naval Administration -5% Naval maintenance modifier
Stable Prices +0.02 Yearly inflation reduction
Bonus -0.05 Yearly corruption


Asceticism idea group Requirements:

Catholic, Coptic, Orthodox, Gnostic, Hinduism
Vajrayana, Mahayana, Buddhism or Jain

Charitable Work -20% Stability increase interval
Interfaith Dialogue +1 Tolerance of heretics
Religious Settlements -10% Construction cost

+0.4 Prestige per development from missionary

Monastic Diversity -1 National unrest

+1 Missionaries

Missionary Work +1% Missionary strength

+2% Missionary strength vs heretics

Devotion +1 Tolerance of the true Faith
Fraternities +20% Production efficiency
Bonus +1 Diplomatic reputation

+5% Rural goods produced modifier


Bureaucracy Requirements:
Collaboration -20% Construction time

-10% State maintenance

Adaptability +10% Administrative efficiency
Citizen Service -10% Core-creation cost

Unlocks: Empire

-0.05 Yearly corruption
Civil Service -20% Envoy travel time

+2 Number of states

Integration +1 Max promoted cultures
Centralization +10 Maximum centralization
Bonus -0.10 Monthly autonomy change


Economic idea group Requirements:
Trade Councils +10% Trade efficiency

+25% Trade range

Tax Agency +10% National tax modifier
Secure Trade Routes

Unlocks: Engineering

-5% Construction cost

+10% Provincial trade power modifier

Real Economy -15% Reduce inflation cost
Production Rights +10% Urban production power

+10% Urban production skill

+10% Rural goods produced modifier

National Bank -1 Interest per annum
Smithian Economy +20% Production efficiency
Bonus +0.02 Yearly inflation reduction


Empire idea group Requirements (one of the following two options):
1) Ethics
2) Noble Resilience and Influential Diplomats
Punish the Rebel -5% Harsh treatment cost
Greatness +0.2 Yearly prestige

+0.2 Yearly horde unity/legitimacy/republican tradition

Imperial Governors -0.05 Monthly autonomy change
Magistrate +10% Administrative efficiency
Bureau of the Interior +2 Number of states
Ministry of War -5% Aggressive expansion impact

-5% Province war score cost

I Am the Emperor! +15% Claim duration

+10% Maximum centralization

Bonus +5% Income from vassals

+25% Vassal force limit contribution


Engineering idea group Requirements:
Secure Trade Routes
Organized Construction -30% Construction time
Improved Gunpowder +15% Artillery damage from back row
Naval Construction +5% Ship durability
Multi-Role Artillery +10% Siege ability
Pioneer Corps +2.5% Settler chance
Unified Construction Plans -20% Construction cost

-5% Developed building cost

Systemized Manufactoring Methods +15% Urban production power

+15% Urban production skill

Bonus -5% Fort maintenance

+20% Fort defense


Expansion idea group Requirements:
Martial Administration
Local Scouts Automatically discover adjacent when a colony is built

+0.05 Yearly prestige

Colonists +2 Colonists
Private Colony Charters +2.5% Settler chance
Faster Colonists

Part of unlocking: Global Empire

+20% Colonial range

+4 Global settler increase

Intrepid Mariners +5% Sailor recovery speed
Tough Colonists -5% Land attrition
Bring Civilization Can fabricate claims overseas in trade company regions
Bonus -0.5% Prestige decay

-10% Core-creation cost

Global EmpireEdit

Global Empire idea group Requirements:
Martial Administration and Faster Colonists
Exotic Goods +5% Provincial trade power modifier
Colonial Race +2 Colonists
Small World +2 Number of states
National Arsenal +30% Colonial range

+5% Ship durability

Viceroys +10% Global tariffs
Colonial Threats Can fabricate claim overseas in trade company regions.
Promise of the New World +5% Sailor recovery speed
Bonus +2.5% Settler chance

+5% Global settler increase


Humanist idea group Requirements:
Many Paths -5% Idea cost
Local Traditions -2 National unrest

+5% National tax modifier

Indirect Rule -10 Years of separatism
Cultural Ties +1 Max Promoted Cultures
Humanist Ecumenism +1 Tolerance of heretics
Benevolent Tolerance +1 Max promoted cultures
Religious Relativism +1 Tolerance of heathens
Bonus +10% Religious unity


Innovative idea group Requirements:
Admin tech 20
Emancipation -1 National unrest

+5% National tax modifier

Optimism -10% Idea cost
Abolished Serfdom -0.5% Yearly navy tradition decay
Scientific Revolution -10% Institution embracement cost
Formalized Officer Corps -0.5% Yearly army tradition decay
Dynamic Court

Unlocks: Representative

-10% Advisor cost

+1 Available advisors

Free Subjects +5% Rural goods produced modifier

+25% Urban production skill

Bonus -10% Technology cost

Popular ReligionEdit

Popular Religion idea group
Religious Art +0.5 Prestige per development from missionary

+10% Global art power

Evangelism +1 Missionaries
Reliquaries +0.2 Devotion

+0.1 Yearly horde unity/legitimacy/republican tradition

Pilgrimage +1 Tolerance of the true faith
Flexible Theology +1 Tolerance of heathens
Faith healing -2 National unrest
Messiahs -0.01 Monthly war exhaustion
Bonus +15% Religious unity


Prophecy idea group Requirements:
Not Catholic, Coptic, Orthodox, Gnostic, Jain
Vajrayana, Mahayana, Buddhism or Hinduism
Grand ceremony +0.5 Yearly prestige

+0.2 Prestige per development from missionary

Prophecy +1 Tolerance of the true faith
Divine Intercessions +0.2 Yearly legitimacy/horde unity/devotion

+0.1 Republican tradition

Holy Warriors +5% Manpower recovery speed
Augury +1 Leaders without upkeep

+5% Morale of armies

Sacrifices -1 National unrest

+1 Missionaries

Monuments -0.5% Prestige decay

+5% Global art power

Bonus +10% Institution spread in true faith provinces

-1 Interest per annum


Scholasticism idea group
Own at least 1 university
Educated Priests +10% Institution spread in true faith provinces
Itinerant Preachers +1 Missionaries
Religious Law -0.05 Monthly autonomy change
Religious Advisors +1 Diplomat
Clerical Teaching +1 Possible advisors

-5% Advisor costs

Ecceleistical Judiciary -2 National unrest
Scriptural Tradition +1% Missionary strength vs heretics

+2% Missionary strength

Bonus -10% Technology cost

State ReligionEdit

Theology idea group Requirements:
Mandatory Church Attendance -10% Stability increase interval

+0.1 Prestige per development from missionary

Religious Traditions +1 Tolerance of the true faith
Holy Orders +5% Morale of Armies
Crusades Grants access to religious casus belli against
nearby heathens and heretics with high enough piety
Divine Right 0.2 Yearly devotion/horde unity

0.1 Yearly legitimacy/republican tradition

Just War +2% Missionary strength vs heretics

+3% Missionary strength

Chosen People -0.05 Monthly autonomy change
Bonus +6% Recover army morale speed

+6% Recover navy morale speed

Diplomatic groupsEdit


Aristocracy idea group Blocks: Plutocratic ideas

Monarchy, Theocracy, Theocratic order,
Papal government or Noble republic

Easy Claims -15% Cost to fabricate claims
International Nobility +2 Diplomatic relations
Local Nobility +0.1 Yearly devotion/legitimacy
Noble Resilience

Part of unlocking: Empire

-1 National unrest
Noble Knights +25% Cavalry flanking ability
Serfdom -0.05 Monthly autonomy change

+5 Maximum centralization

Noble Officers +1 Leaders without upkeep

+5% Administrative efficiency

Bonus 20% Vassal force limit contribution

10% Income from vassals


Culture idea group Requirements:
Luxury Tax +5% National tax modifier
Court of Novelties +15% Global institution spread
Patron of the Arts +0.2 Yearly legitimacy/horde unity/devotion/republican tradition

+15% Global art power

Scientific Encouragement -10% Idea cost
Educated Ruler -5% Technology cost
Educated Court -10% Advisor costs

+1 Possible advisors

Open Mind -10% Institution embracement cost
Bonus +0.1 Yearly prestige

-0.5% Prestige decay


Diplomatic idea group Requirements:
Flexible Negotiations -20% Unjustified demands
War Cabinet -0.01 Monthly war exhaustion
Diplomatic Corps +20% Improve relations

-5% Cost to fabricate claims

Influential Diplomats

Unlocks: Eminence, Influence
Part of unlocking: Empire

+1 Diplomatic reputation

+5% Claim duration

Foreign Embassies +2 Diplomatic relations
Department of Foreign Affairs +1 Diplomats
Benevolence Lowered impact on stability from diplomatic actions

-10% Diplomatic annexation cost

Bonus -10% Province war score cost


Eminence idea group Requirements:
Influential Diplomats
Diplomatic Cover -25% Covert actions relations impact
Experienced Diplomats +1 Diplomatic reputation
Friendly Relations +30% Improve relations

-5% Core-creation cost

Imperial Ambitions +0.15 Yearly prestige

-0.5% Prestige decay

Fair Cause -10% Aggressive expansion

-10% Diplomatic annexation cost

Additional Diplomats +1 Diplomat
Additional relations +2 Diplomatic relations
Bonus -10% Province war score cost


Espionage idea group Requirements:
Subtle Recruitment -25% Covert action relation impact
Additional Loyalists Recruitment -10% Liberty desire in subjects
Claim Fabrication -15% Cost to fabricate claims

+5% Claim duration

Agent Training +1 Diplomat
False Flag Operation -10% Aggressive expansion
Informants -10% Harsh treatment cost
Counterespionage +20% Foreign spy detection
Bonus +20% Spy network construction

+50% Rebel support efficiency


Exploration idea group General Requirements:
Sheltered Ports
Dip tech 20
Own at least 1 port
Quest for the New World Allows recruitment of explorers and conquistadors
Oversees Exploration +40% Colonial Range

Unlocks new world expeditions

Colonial Ventures +2 Colonists

+1.25% Settler chance

Land of Opportunity +4 Global settler increase
Naval Expeditions -25% Naval attrition
Exploration Navies +10% Naval force limit modifier

+5% Ship durability

Global Empire +5% Claim duration

Can fabricate claims in any colonial region belonging

to another nation who are also overseas from the

province, or to their colonial nations

Bonus Can fabricate claim overseas in colonial regions

Free TradeEdit

Free Trade idea group
Blocks: Mercantilism ideas

National Trade Policy

Aggressive Traders +5% Ship trade power

-30% Cost to justify trade conflict

Web of Trade Contracts +5% Global trade power

+30% Trade range

Exchange of Customs +1 Diplomatic relations

+5% Global institution spread

Joint Stock Companies +10% Provincial trade power modifier

+0.1 Merchant trade power

Supply Meets Demand -0.02 Yearly inflation reduction

+10% Production efficiency

Overseas Merchants +1 Merchants
Targeted Imports +20% Trade power abroad
Bonus +1 Merchants

+5% Trade efficiency


Influence idea group Requirements:
Influential Diplomats
Integrated Elites -5% Liberty desire in subjects
Influence Beyond Our Borders +1 Diplomats
State Propaganda -15% Unjustified demands

+10% Global art power

Marcher Lords +25% Vassal force limit contribution
Diplomatic Influence +1 Diplomatic relations
Tribute System +10% Income from vassals
The Art of Influence +5% Foreign spy detection

+5% Spy network construction

Bonus +2 Diplomatic reputation


Mercantilism idea group Blocks: Free Trade ideas
National Trade Policy
Protectionism +20% Embargo efficiency

+5% Ship trade power

Trade Practice Regulations +10% Global tariffs
Market Day +10% Provincial trade power modifier
Subsidized Economy +5% Rural goods produced modifier
Controlled Fairs +20% Domestic trade power
Economic Advisor +1 Merchants

+0.2 Merchant trade power

Staple Right +5% Global trade power

+5% Trade efficiency

Bonus -5% Institution embracement cost

+1 Merchants

Merchant MarineEdit

Merchant Marine idea group Requirements:
Sheltered Ports
National Trade Policy
Own at least 1 port
Skeleton Based Shipbuilding -10% Shipbuilding time

+25% Prestige from naval battles

+10% Trade range

Convoy +10% National sailors modifier

+5% Global tariffs

Fore-and-aft Rigged Vessels +20% Blockade efficiency

+20% Embargo efficiency

Transportation Companies +1 Merchants
Privateers -20% Cost to justify trade conflict

+30% Privateer efficiency

Experienced Navigators +5% Global institution spread

+20% Ship trade power propagation

Private Shipbuilding Incentives +20% Ship trade power
Bonus +1 Leaders without upkeep

+1 Merchants


Plutocracy idea group Blocks: Aristocratic ideas
Not a Monarchy, Theocracy, Theocratic order,
Papal government or Noble republic
Free Cities +10% Provincial trade power modifier
Competitive Merchants +10% Global trade power
Resilient State +0.10 Yearly republican tradition

-2 National unrest

Tradition of Payment -5% Mercenary cost
Pragmatism +1 Leaders without upkeep

+30% Trade range

Free Merchants +1 Merchants
Popular Support +2 Diplomatic relations
Bonus -5% Reduce inflation cost

-0.05 Yearly corruption


Democracy idea group Requirements:
Dynamic Court
Not an Absolute monarchy or Despotic monarchy

Adm Tech = 20

Bill of Rights -2 National unrest

+5% Claim duration

Honour Culture -0.1 Yearly corruption
Self Governance -10% State maintenance

+0.05 Yearly prestige

Free Assembly -15 Years of separatism

+1 Number of states

Right of Petition +0.1 Yearly legitimacy/horde unity/devotion

+0.2 Yearly republican tradition

Diversity +1 Max promoted cultures
Representation +1 Possible advisors

-20% Stability increase interval

Bonus +10% Provincial trade power modifier


Trade idea group Requirements:
National Trade Policy

Unlocks: Free Trade,
Mercantilism, Merchant Marine

+10% Trade efficiency
Shrewd Commerce Practices +10% Global trade power
Merchant Adventures +30% Trade range

+5% Ship tradepower propagation

Free Trade +1 Merchants
Trade Manipulation +10% Provincial trade power modifier
Additional Merchants +1 Merchants
Fast Negotiations +5% Global trade power
Bonus +1 Merchants

+0.3 Merchant trade power

Military groupsEdit


Fortification idea group Requirements:


City Guards +20% National garrison growth
Defensive Mentality +20% Fort defense
Fortification System -10% Fort maintenance
Homeland +6% Recover army morale speed
Hit-and-Run Tactics +1 Attrition for enemies
National Forts -10% Harsh treatment cost
Temporary Fortifications -5% Land attrition
Bonus +5% Reinforce speed

+5% Manpower recovery speed

Grand ArmyEdit

Grand Army idea group Requirements:
Levy System
Standardised Calibres
Organized Recruitment -10% Recruitment time
Big Army Small Cost -5% Land maintenance modifier
Military Enthusiasm +5% National manpower modifier
Military Dignity +5% Manpower recovery speed
Quick Reinforcements +5% Reinforce speed
Swarm Tactics +5% Land force limit modifier
Grand Army -5% Reinforce cost
Bonus -5% Regiment cost

Grand FleetEdit

Grand Fleet idea group Requirements:
Sheltered Ports
Own at least 1 port
Grand Fleet +20% Naval force limit modifier
Naval Standardization -5% Naval maintenance modifier
Grand Navy -10% Shipbuilding time

-0.5% Yearly navy tradition decay

Port Recruitment +20% National sailors modifier
Auxiliary Vessels +30% Blockade efficiency

+10% Embargo efficiency

Naval Glory -15% Sailor maintenance
Ships Penny -5% Ship costs
Bonus +10% Sailor recovery speed


Leadership idea group
Glorious Arms +100% Prestige from land battles
Combat Maneuver +1 Land leader maneuver
Leadership +4% Recover army morale speed
Siege Master +1 Land leader siege
Military Culture -0.5% Yearly army tradition decay
Combat Leaders +1 Land leader shock
Proud to Serve +1 Leaders without upkeep

+5% Reinforce speed

Bonus +1 Land leader fire


Logistic idea group Requirements:
Fast Shipyards -20% Shipbuilding time
Engineer Corps +1 Artillery bonus vs forts
Supply Trains +5% Reinforce speed

-30% Envoy travel time

Coastal Harassment +1 Blockade impact on siege
Regimental System -20% Recruitment time
Improved Siege Techniques +10% Siege ability
Improved Foraging -5% Land attrition
Bonus +10% Movement speed


Mercenary idea group Blocks: Standing Army till mil tech 27
Dogs of War +10% Looting amount
Mercenary Levies +50% Possible condottieri
Organised Mercenary Recruitment +100% Available mercenaries
Organised Mercenary Payment -5% Mercenary maintenance
Mercenary Calm -0.01 Monthly war exhaustion
Specialized Training +5% Mercenary discipline
Benefits for Mercenaries +0.1 Yearly prestige

+1 Leaders without upkeep

Bonus -10% Mercenary cost


Naval idea group
Own at least 1 port
Improved Shipyards -10% Shipbuilding time
Sheltered Ports

Unlocks: Naval Leadership, Naval Quality, Grand Fleet
Part of unlocking: Exploration, Merchant Marine

+5% Sailor recovery speed

+10% Colonial Range

Boarding Parties +5% Morale of navies
Naval Cadets +10% National sailors modifier

+20% Naval force limit modifier

Naval Fighting Instructions -5% Sailor maintenance
Seahawks -0.5% Yearly navy tradition decay

+100% Naval tradition from battles

Press Gangs -5% Naval maintenance modifier
Bonus -25% Naval attrition

Ships can repair when in coastal sea zones

Naval LeadershipEdit

Naval Leadership idea group Requirements:
Sheltered Ports
Own at least 1 port
Shanties +1 Leaders without upkeep

+4% Recover navy morale speed

Chained Cannonballs +15% Chance to capture enemy ships

+10% Morale of navies

Flagships +25% Prestige from naval battles

+5% Global naval engagement

Improved Charting Techniques +1 Naval leader maneuver
Naval Culture -0.5% Yearly navy tradition decay
Grapeshot Supported Boarding +1 Naval leader shock
A Leader to Follow +10% National sailors modifier

+20% Global ship repair

Bonus +1 Naval leader fire

Naval QualityEdit

Naval Quality idea group Requirements:
Sheltered Ports
Own at least 1 port
Naval Wisdom -0.5% Yearly navy tradition decay
Naval Drill +8% Recover navy morale speed
Good Quality Wood +30% Global ship repair
Improved Rams +10% Galley combat ability

+10% Transport combat ability

Oak Forests for Ships -5% Ship costs
Excellent Shipwrights +10% Ship durability
Superior Seamanship 10% Morale of navies

75% Prestige from naval battles

Bonus +10% Heavy ship combat ability

+10% Light ship combat ability

Professional ArmyEdit

Professional Army idea group Requirements:
Levy System
Military Drill
Sieging Troops +5% Siege ability
Military Treaties -5% Land attrition
Formal Military Education -0.5% Yearly army tradition decay

+25% Prestige from land battles

War Veterans +10% Morale of armies
Military Reserve Force -10% Recruitment time

+5% Reinforce speed

Conscription Lists +5% Manpower recovery speed
Cannon Support +10% Artillery damage from back row
Bonus +2.5% Discipline


Quality idea group Requirements:
War College +1 Leaders without upkeep
Victorious Army -0.5% Yearly army tradition decay
Military Drill

Part of unlocking: Professional Army

+5% Morale of armies
Massed Battery +10% Artillery combat ability
Our Walls Will Not Fall +10% Fort defense
Finest of Horses +10% Cavalry combat ability
Quality Education +4% Recover army morale speed
Bonus +10% Infantry combat ability


Quantity idea group Requirements:
Manufactured Uniforms -5% Infantry cost
Enforced Service -5% Land maintenance modifier
Military Horse Breeding -5% Cavalry cost
Levée en Masse +1 Possible advisors

+50% Possible condottieri

Standardised Calibres

Part of unlocking: Grand Army

-5% Artillery cost
Military Parades +10% Land force limit modifier
Victory Behind Numbers +10% Reinforce speed
Bonus +15% National manpower modifier

Standing ArmyEdit

Standing Army idea group Blocks: Mercenary till mil tech 27
Forced Conscription +5% National manpower modifier

+25% Prestige from land battles

Battlefield Commissions +100% Army tradition from battles
Faith in Victory -10% Recruitment time

+1 Leaders without upkeep

National Enthusiasm +10% Land force limit modifier
National Conscripts -0.5% Yearly army tradition decay
Levy System

Part of unlocking: Grand Army, Professional Army

+5% Manpower recovery speed
Expanded Supply Trains -5% Land attrition
Bonus +15% Reinforce speed