Introduction Edit

National ideas are representative of a nation's historical skills,specialties, culture, or other traits. They are mostly `based on historical events or specialties. And are a major source of flavor for countries.

Implementation Edit

National ideas work similarily to Vanilla but with distinct differences, most of which were added in version 2.01. For starters every one idea(from an idea group) unlocks a national idea, and most countries start out with 4 ideas. There are also less ideas and Traditions and Ambitions have been removed. National ideas are now based on events that happened shortly before or shortly after the start date or things that have been present in the country for most of the game's duration for more historical accuracy

Types of ideas Edit


Unlike vanilla where a nation has 2 traditions 7 ideas and an ambition, In MEIOU a nation has 1 familial system, 1 bonus idea and 5 normal ideas

Familial systems Edit

Familial systems are based on culture and represent the way society works in the country, they have both advantages and penalties typically associated with such Societies.

Bonus ideas Edit

Bonus ideas are also based on culture rather than country and represent what the people in the country are typically good at

Ideas Edit

Besides Familial systems and Bonus ideas there are normal ideas that work like Vanilla but are typicially stronger because there are only 5 rather than 7

National ideas (Unfinished) Edit

Norwegian ideas Edit

Label 1st bonus 2nd bonus 3rd bonus 4th bonus 5th bonus
1 (Liberal Family) Trade Steering:


Global Trade Goods Size Modifiers:


Diplomatic Tech Cost Modifier:


Global Autonomy:


Heretic Missionary strength:


2 (Scandinavia - Norway's coast) Global Ship Repair:


Naval Tradition From Battles:


3 (Northern Isolation) Diplomatic Reputation:


Yearly Papal Influence:


Hostile Core-Creation Cost on us:


4 (Hanseatic Influences) Advisor Costs:


Diplomatic Reputation:


Institution Embracement Cost:


5 (The Longships) National Sailors Modifier:


Light Ship Cost:


Transport Ship Cost:


Light Ship Combat Ability:


Transport Ship Combat Ability:


6 (Civil War Era) National Unrest:


Stability Increase Interval:


Yearly Legitimacy:


7 (North Sea Trade) Provincial Trade Power Modifier:


Trade Power Abroad:


Colonial Range:


Trade Range:


Ship Trade Power: