Introduction and position Edit

Poland is a country in central-eastern Europe. Historically it got very strong and was a major power. Poland would also be one of the first countries to defeat the ottomans. but a too powerful nobility led the country into a stagnation and eventually a decline and Poland would not exist at the end of the game.

Main differences with Vanilla Edit

Good Edit

  • Hungary is more likely to be friendly
  • Muscovy is less dangerous
  • Bohemia is less likely to be hostile
  • The west slavic culture group is bigger

Bad Edit

  • The union with Lithuania will probably take longer to form and will also last longer
  • Poland will most likely fall under a personal union with Hungary, it will probably be short lived however
  • the Teutonic order is more dangerous
  • Bohemia is less likely to be friendly

Neutral Edit

  • Lithuania is weaker
  • The Ottoman empire is less dangerous in the early game, but more dangerous in the late game.

Events Edit

Full list: Polish Events

Poland's events revolve about the short-lived personal union with Hungary. and the formation of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth

Neighbours Edit

Bohemia Edit

Bohemia can either be friend or foe. They are very powerful at the start of the game thanks to their many vassals and Title of Holy roman emperor. However, if they lose the title of HREmperor and their vassals they will become much weaker.

Hungary Edit

As mentioned above, when your initial ruler (kazimierz III) dies Poland will enter a PU under Hungary. after that Hungary will usually be friendly. Hungary is a major power, so having them as an ally could be helpful. Be wary as they are likely to get attacked by the Ottomans

Lithuania Edit

Lithuania will in most cases fall under a PU with the player, so it is in the players interest to help Lithuania in the early game.

The teutonic order Edit

The teutonic order controls many West Slavic lands and are historical rivals, so the player should seek to invade Teutonic lands, however they might be too strong too attack too early. It is recommended that the player refrains from attacking the Teutonic order until they have strong allies(E.g Hungary,Bohemia,Lithuania) on their side.

Mazovia Edit

Poland's vassal at the start of the game. The player should aim to integrate Mazovia before the player forms the commonwealth because integrating Mazovia will unlock the decision to move the capital to warsaw. And communication to Ruthenia and Lithuania goes faster through warsaw


Strategy Edit

Early game. Edit

The player should seek to improve relations with Lithuania and either Hungary,Austria or Bohemia. After doing that the player should be set diplomatically

Once the diplomatic situation is solved the player should deal with is the Orthodox ruthenians in the south-east of the country. The Ruthenian culture starts out accepted but Poland does not start with Modifiers that promote tolerance. So the player could either demote the Ruthenian culture and start a inquisition to create a more homogenuous state. Or the player could move towards tolerance and maintain order that way.