Production has been heavily reworked in 2.0 to account for production of many different types of goods in a single province. There are Rural Goods, Urban Goods and Mined Goods.

Rural Production Edit

Each point of Rural Production Power (RPP) represents 1 Pop, or 10,000 people, working in an industry other than food production. This means that 1 Food is consumed per 1 RPP, reducing the available regional food supply just like Urban Population.

In every province a percentage of the Rural Population is devoted to Rural Production. RPP will increase when either the Rural Population grows larger or Farm Estates and Plantations are constructed. These buildings represent increasing the infrastructure devoted to producing goods for export instead of food for local consumption.

RPP per pop for each Farm Estate and Plantation level

Level RPP per

Rural Pop


Building Cost

Base 0.025 NA
1 .05
2 .1
3 .15
4 .2
5 .25
6 .3
7 .35
8 .4
9 .45
10 .5

Rural Goods Edit

A province's RPP determines how many of the province's trade goods are produced. All 'normal' trade goods, the ones visible in the province screen, fall under either plantation or farm estate goods.

Urban ProductionEdit

This section describes the Goods that Urban pops produce with the Workshop building or later present in the province.

Urban Production PowerEdit

UPP (Urban Production Power) is the province's total Urban Goods output, increased by buildings and certain province modifiers. The collective UPP of all provinces on a sub-continent decides the amount of Centers of Production modifiers it gets, and how important those centers are. See the Trade and Economy buildings for how UPP in a province is defined.

Centers of Production

Importance Minor Important Major Dominant
Annual Urban Production Skill Increase 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0
Local Trade Power +2.5% +5.0% +7.5% +10.0%
Urban Gravity +0.25/+10% +0.50/+15% +0.75/+20% +1.00/+25%
Urban Production Power +5% +10% +15% +20%
Urban Wealth Growth +5.0% +7.5% +10.0% +12.5%

Occurrence on sub-continent

For every required collective UPP value the sub-continent has more than of, the sub-continent gains that modifier.

Kind of center Required collective UPP
(1) Minor 20
(2) Important 60
(1) Minor 85
(1) Minor 110
(3) Major 190
(2) Important 240
(1) Minor 270
(1) Minor 300
(2) Important 360
(1) Minor 400
(1) Minor 440
(4) Dominant 620
(3) Major 740
(2) Important 820
(1) Minor 880

Urban Production SkillEdit

UPS decides the quality of the Urban Goods produced in the province, and as UPS improves, the more specialised and valuable the Urban Goods get. There are 3 ranks of Urban Goods, which is the main objective when gaining UPS.

The other objective is being able to spread UPS throughout the sub-continent without the need for Centers of Production. This method of UPS spread, however, can't upgrade further than rank 2 of Urban Goods.

It's worth noting that a province with UPP of 1 can't get more than 5 UPS. (For those that have looked through the code: It should be <=2 UPP, but the code says it is <2, which is how NOT on a value works.)

UPS increases with the Centers of Production described in the previous section. However, without a Center of Production, UPS will decay at 2 per year. This decay only applies when UPS is higher than 37.

UPS Milestone
<0.1 Any Urban Goods produced will be removed*
25 Trade Goods upgrade from 1 to 2
60 UPS increase from a Center of Production is now halved, but the wasted half is given to a random province on the same sub-continent that
  • Has Urban Goods rank < 3
  • Has UPP >= 2
75 Trade Goods upgrade from 2 to 3
150 Maximum UPS. At this point all gained UPS is instead given to a random province on the same sub-continent in the same manner as UPS=60.
  • Note that this means that Urban Goods will not be downgraded, and that this milestone is the only way Urban Goods will disappear. (As far as I'm aware)

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