Technologies show how advanced a certain country. they are unlocked with Administrative, Diplomatic or Military power ,Technologies are what the player will spend most of said power on.

Admin Technologies Edit

Level Name Year Effects
1 Organized religion 1310 miscellaneous utility buildings
2 Feudalism 1320 Allows Feudal monarchy

Allows Medieval monarchy

+5% Production efficiency

3 Code of laws 1330 Allows regional capital building

+1 idea group

+1 state

Allows government upgrade(don't know what this does)

4 Constabulary 1340 Allows workshop building

Allows "Production upgrade"(don't know what this does

Allows constable(don't know what this does)

5 Regulated succession 1350 Allows level 1 canals

Allows despotic monarchy

Allows oligarchic republic

Allows noble republic

Allows corporation guild

Allows art corporation building

Allows art upgrade(don't know what this does)

+1 state

6 Serfdom 1360 +1 state

+5% production efficiency

7 Sale of public office 1370 Allows Merchant republic

Allows Urban infrastructure 3(don't know what this does)

8 Poll taxes 1380 +1 Idea group
9 Inss of court 1390 Expansion capacity +5

Hidden effects Edit

Several technology level features are not shown in the normal overview. For example:

Administrative 18 grants +5 maximum Centralization, by event.

Administrative 28, +10

Administrative 38(?), +20