Introduction Edit

Urban Gravity is a mechanic introduced in MEIOU and Taxes that represents how attractive a city is to live in. Generally, unless a region has very low rural population, the player want to improve the Urban Gravity of a city in order to get people to settle there in order to create a large city.

Base Urban Gravity Edit

Base Urban Gravity is The total Urban Gravity before the Urban Gravity Modifiers are added and always a Number. When calculating the total Urban Gravity. All Base urban gravity modifiers are added and Multiplied by the Urban gravity modifier.

Urban Gravity Modifiers Edit

Urban gravity Modifier is the percentage by which the Base urban Gravity increases, and always a percentage. When calculating the total Urban Gravity the urban Gravity Modifiers are multiplied by the Base Urban Gravity.

Ways to increase Urban Gravity Edit

There are a lot of ways with which a player could increase Urban Gravity

Buildings Edit

For more information see the buildings page

Building Base Urban Gravity Urban gravity Modifier